Our Club
We are a rhythmic gymnastics club based in Central London, which offers a great variety of Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced gymnastics classes for girls aged 4 and above, across three venues - Chelsea, Battersea and Westminster.
The club is a member of London Gymnastics and the British Gymnastics Federation. All our coaches are fully licensed with British Gymnastics, hold a current DBS and Safeguarding and Protecting Children Certificate. 

Our coaching framework is Athlete-Cantered and follows a tailored programme for long-term athlete development. We focus on the physical and technical preparation for each gymnast to ensure careful and gradual progression towards the perfection of body and apparatus skills. In addition to our gym classes, our clients benefit from our online Parent Portal and Mobile App, where they can instantly book classes, follow their children’s progression, check attendance, receive tokens for make-up classes and more!    

Our Founder and Head Coach

The club was founded by Monika Vedrichkova in September 2013, in honour of her mother Anna Vedrichkova. As a former member of the Bulgarian National Gymnastics Team, she has won more than 130 medals and awards from national and international tournaments. Monika is a certified British Gymnastics Coach and the incumbent Chairman of the London Rhythmic Gymnastics Technical Committee. Monika Vedrichkova is internationally recognised coach and has successfully completed the highest of the three-level coaching programme organised by the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG Level 3 Academy).

Rhythmic Gymnastics

the Paragon of Beauty in Sports

Rhythmic Gymnastics is a female Olympic sport which, combines a unique mixture of dance, art and music. The sport develops a great variety of skills - flexibility, agility, strength, endurance, posture. Rhythmic routines consist of elements from classical ballet, modern dance and acrobatic movements.

Rhythmic gymnasts learn how to express themselves to the public through elegant and graceful movements, while showing advanced apparatus work. The virtuosity, flexibility and agility of the gymnast at intermediate and advanced level are truly impressive and always awe the viewer. Rhythmic gymnastics is the ultimate sport for any girls wishing to have the grace and beauty of a ballet dancer and athleticism of a gymnast.
Benefits of being

A Rhythmic Gymnast

Concentration and leadership
Our gymnasts gain these important skills through their vast competition experience and performances in front of large audience. Later on these skills contribute greatly to their academic and professional career.
Teamwork skills
Many of our routines require perfect synchronization, high level of trust and the willingness to help each other. Often our gymnasts need to overcome their personal feelings and work together with the team in order to achieve the team’s final aim.
Coordination skills
Coordination is a very important aspect of rhythmic gymnastics, because it lies at the core of each routine. All our gymnasts learn how to perform different body movements while doing rolls, bounces, throws, mills (clubs), spiral and snake shapes (ribbon) with their apparatus.
Our classes consists of exercises that best match the needs for our gymnast and allow them to fully enhance their potential in key gymnastics areas.
Posture and walk
From the very beginning Anna’s Gymnastics Academy makes sure that every gymnast learns how to sit, stand and walk in a correct posture. We believe that being able to control the position of your torso, head and limbs is essential first step for each one of our future stars.
Commitment & discipline
These are qualities that every advance level gymnast demonstrates in the gym as well as in her personal and professional life.