Dear Parents,

I hope you are all well and safe.  

It is with a heavy heart to announce that all in-person training will temporarily close for the remainder of the term. Our last in-person training will take place today Thursday 19th March. As of Friday 20th March, we will be rolling out our online training courses with live feedback from coaches!

This decision is in response to the UK Government's call for social distancing, avoiding non-essential travel and impending school closures as well as announcements from British Gymnastics and London Gymnastics cancelling all upcoming competitions and events, which I will discuss in more detail below. The health and wellbeing of our gymnasts, coaches, parents, and families is absolutely paramount and our top priority.

We will continue training online and will track attendance to all online classes as we do in our regular practices. Online classes will follow the current timetable with slight time adjustments for a limited number of students. You will receive a separate email with detailed information on how to dial in for the classes. It is absolutely essential that all gymnasts are regular in these sessions, to ensure their consistent progression and fitness.

We have been preparing by filming warm-ups and exercises. In addition we are planning to maximise the use of our online portal and we will include key targets for each group to achieve during this time period.

As part of our online training gymnasts will have access to the following features:

- Online classes with live coach feedback
- Pre-recorded videos that may be accessed via YouTube for personal use only (please do not share externally)
- Skill tracking through the iClass app to monitor progress
- Use of Instagram to share progress and ways of working
- A list of online resources that are free and widely accessible to help supplement training

It is vital that we continue to train during this time and to avoid terminating activity, not only to support all the girl's hard work in the gym but also for their continued overall well being.

To prepare for online classes please ensure you have the following at home:

- Ipads, smartphone or laptop with a camera and good internet connection to receive live feedback

- Rope
If you do not have one already here are some links to online providers:
If you do not have one already here are some links to online providers:
Anna's Gymnastics Spring Festival, which was due to take place on 22 March 2020 is now cancelled. Our club will continue to follow up with all the news and evolving situation and implement required changes as per our crisis strategy.

We will continue to keep you updated.

Thank you for your continuous support in what is a challenging time for all. Stay well and be safe!

Kind regards,

Monika Vedrichkova & Team