To our dear clients and gymnasts,

We live in unprecedented times with growing uncertainty around the potential consequences of COVID-19 to our friends, families and community. The health and wellbeing of our members and coaches is an absolute paramount and top priority for Anna’sGymnastics Academy during this challenging period.

In light of the rapidly evolving COVID-19 outbreak and following the social distancing advice from the UK Government, as of 20th March, Anna’s Gymnastics Academy has made the decision to temporarily suspend in person training and switch to an online based class format. This is a necessary step to protect our members, coaches and their families and ensure we are taking the right measures to prevent the rapidly growing spread of the disease.

It is now more than ever that we all appreciate the benefits of health and mental wellbeing. I therefore encourage all of you to get involved in the online class format and continue to train during this period, regardless of potential challenges we may face. Our online model will maintain our gymnasts’ physical and technical preparation to support their continuous progression in the sport and sustain their general fitness during this period.

As part of our online training you will have access to the following features:

- Online classes with live coach feedback
- Pre-recorded videos that may be accessed via YouTube
- Skill tracking through the Parent Portal to monitor progress
- Use of Instagram and Facebook to share progress and ways of working
- A list of online resources to help supplement training

We will keep you updated on any developments via emails and our social media channels.

Thank you for your continuous support during these strange times. Stay well and be safe!

Monika Vedrichkova
Founder and Head Coach, Anna’s Gymnastics Academy