Parents / Guardians Obligations
  • The Parents warrant that the information provided on the Registration Form is accurate and up to date. It is the Parents/Guardians’ responsibility to ensure that they update Anna’s GA in writing of any change in medical conditions or contact details.
  • It is the Parents/Guardians’ responsibility to inform Anna’s GA of any special medical conditions at the point of booking.
  • Parents/Guardians agree to accept the sole responsibility for their child immediately before and after the end of the class. It is the Parent’s/Guardian’s  responsibility to ensure their child’s safety while in the changing rooms, toilets, reception and waiting areas as well as the safe entry of their child to the Dance Studio and  vice versa.
  • Parents/Guardians are responsible for bringing their child on time for the class. Warm up is essential part of the training and the child’s potential absence from the first part of the lesson could result in injuries.
  • Parents/Guardians take full responsibility for their children’s personal belongings such as clothes, shoes and bags. Coaches and officials of Anna’s GA are not held responsible for any damaged, lost or stolen items in the Studio or the facility.
  • Parents/Guardians are advised to accept official judgments regarding their child’s behavior and development. Anna’s GA strongly discourages challenging and arguing with club coaches and officials.
Gymnast Arrival
  • All gymnasts should arrive to training on time. Arriving late and not doing the entire warm up puts your child's health at danger and may cause injuries. If a gymnast is more than 5 min late (1-hour sessions) and 10 min late (2+ hour sessions), she may not be allowed in class or might be asked to join a later group for warm up.
Changing Rooms
  • All gymnasts should use the changing room to get ready for class.
  • A gymnast may only enter the sports hall once they are fully ready for training – changing in the sports hall is not allowed.
  • Parents are not allowed to enter the sports halls or the dance studios.
  • Gymnasts should follow carefully all instructions by the coaches and behave in appropriate manner before, during and after the sessions. They are not allowed to leave the premises without permission from the Head Coach for safety and security reasons.
  • All gymnasts should respect the club coaches, officials and fellow gymnasts. As representatives of Anna’s Gymnastics Academy during competitions, festivals and official events as well as everyday trainings, gymnasts must display professional and respectful conduct at all times.
  • Rudeness, insults, racist behaviour, physical or mental abuse are prohibited and their use by any gymnast could result in termination of her membership.
Gymnasts Attire
  • All hair must be tied back neatly in a bun.
  • All jewellery must be removed prior to class (for more information please check the British Gymnastics Body Piercing and Adornments Policy)
  • All gymnasts should wear clean clothing that allows freedom of movement while at the same time not being too open, loose or floppy for safety and performance reasons. Anna’s Gymnastics recommends leotards, leggings and fitted t-shirts. Toe shoes are strongly recommended.
  • All gymnasts may borrow apparatus from Anna’s Gymnastics Academy during lessons.
  • Using personal apparatus is allowed and recommended for advanced gymnasts.
  • Knee pads are strongly recommended for all gymnasts and mandatory for all Squad Gymnasts.
  • Coaches remain the rights to sit a gymnast out of class, if she does not follow our polices or her attire is not appropriate. Apparatus: If you would like to purchase your own apparatus, please ensure that the apparatus is certified with FIG stamp.
  • Highest quality gymnastics apparatus: SASAKI, CHACOTT, VENTURELLI, PASTORELLI
  • For measurements of apparatus, please refer to page 86 of the official FIG guide
Term Fees and Attendance
  • Anna’s Gymnastics fees are non-refundable. Anna’s Gymnastics will not refund or credit any fees if you miss a class or choose to stop attending classes before the end of the term.
  • At the end of each term all gymnasts will be automatically re-enrolled for the following term for all classes they attend. You will receive an email that a charge has been placed on your account requesting you to complete an online payment. If you would like to drop a class/enrolment you must give us a 30-day notice in writing and send an email to before the start of the term. Once the charge appears on your account it is not refundable and must be paid in full.
  • If you require to change groups during the term, there will be administration charge of £10. You can only start attending classes in the new group, once the transfer has been approved and your enrolment schedule has been updated.
  • Anna's Gymnastics remains the right to sit a gymnast during the class, if there is an overdue payment under the parent account.
  • Your membership is valid only for the class you have registered for i.e. if you have purchased 1 hour-per-week Chelsea membership and have registered for 10am Sunday class, this would be the only class you are allowed in. You cannot for example do 1 hour on Monday (week 1), then 1 hour on Saturday (week 2), then 1 hour on Sunday (week 3).
  • The coach remains the right to sit a gymnast during the class, if the class is fully booked and the gymnasts name is not on the registration list.
  • You have the right to use one replacement class per month if you miss a training session.
  • Absence from classes hinders the gymnast’s progress and the coaches’ preparation process for events, festivals and competitions. Anna’s Gymnastics Academy has the right to revoke future access to classes and events for all gymnasts with attendance below 90%.
  • If a class needs to be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, Anna’s Gymnastics Academy will try to provide a replacement class. In such situation, no alternative financial refund is available.
  • If you are attending classes in two different venues, the pricing for the venue with higher membership fee will apply.
  • Fees are reviewed annually in September.
Data Security
  • We have appropriate security measures in place to prevent personal information from being accidentally lost, or used or accessed in an unauthorised way. We limit access to your personal information to those who have a genuine reason to need to know it. Those processing your information will do so only in an authorised manner and are subject to a duty of confidentiality.
  • We have procedures in place to deal with any suspected data security breach. We will inform you of any personal data breaches in line with our legal obligations.
  • Anna’s GA follows strict anti-discriminatory policies. Everyone in the club will receive equal treatment.
  • If you have cause to complain about our service, please turn to the club’s Welfare Officer.