Monika Vedrichkov FIG Level 3 Coach

Amazing News!

Coaching achievements are equally as important as the achievements of our gymnasts!!!

Great success for our head coach Monika Vedrichkova, who successfully passed FIG Level 3 Academy - the highest of the three stage coaching academies organised by the International Gymnastics Federation.

The very intense course included theory and practice lessons covering biomechanics, psychology, injury prevention, planning training for high performance athletes, physical preparation and testing, as well as all gymnastics apparatus, techniques, routines composition with lectures led by the best gymnastics experts in the world!

Monika successfully passed the theory and the practical exams and is currently one of the two coaches in the UK with FIG Level 3 Academy. Other participants in the Academy were the world renowned champions - Maria Petrova, Evgenya Kanaeva, Lubov Chirkashina and many more!

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